Klaus Søe (Søe:DK = Lake:UK) made his musical debut in 1973 as lead guitarist and vocalist with Danish band Heavy Clouds and enjoyed with them a semi-professional career as one of Denmark’s most talented pop bands. Two singles were released, one of which - ”Dance All Night” - was a hit in Scandinavia and led to tours farther afield in Norway and Sweden.
Heavy Clouds rounded off a memorable career in 1985 with their single release “In Trouble Again” which is still aired occasionally on Danish radio stations.

Later that year, like a phøenix rising from the ashes, The Bats were formed. This new band was basically powered by the hard core of Heavy Clouds, Jan Sandberg, John Sørensen and … Klaus Søe. One of their first gigs was the very first Nibe Festival in Denmark which has since become one of Denmark’s best known and best loved rock festivals. Klaus’s career also included TV appearances and session recording work with Danish stars The Souvenirs and the late Jodle Birge and a number of record releases with The Bats including the singles “Heart” and “Now and Always” and the cd album “Having a Party”.
Klaus left the Bats in 2003.