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As lead vocalist of The Sages
1966 RCA Victor 47-8760

As lead vocalist of Vanity Fare
1968 Page One POF075
1968 Page One POF100
1969 Page One POF117
1969 Page One POF142
1969 Page One POF158
1970 Page One POF170
1970 Page One POF180
1971 DJM DJS 234
1972 DJS 250
1971 DJS 256
1972 Jam JAM2
1972 Philips 6006 237
1972 Philips 6006 261
1973 Philips 6006 304
1974 Philips 6006 370
1977 Blue Records BRS1 (DK)

Albums with Vanity Fare
1968 Page One POLS 010
1969 Page One 2502
1970 DJM DJSL.001
1994 Success (Elap Music DK) –

Solo productions
1976 RT 27-A Single:
1985 Generation Records (DK)GRL 8518 Album:

Arnie Treffers and Trevor Brice as "Paradox"
1985 Telaeg Records (DK)
1985 Telaeg Records (DK)

Trevor Brice and the Bats
2000 Sand RecordsSM29813 (DK)

City of Bath Male Choir

In the Beginning/I'm Not Going to Cry

I Live for the Sun/The Other Side of Life
Summer Morning/Betty Carter
Highway of Dreams/Waiting for the Nightfall
Early in the Morning/You Made me Love you
Hitchin' a Ride/Manchild
Come Tomorrow/Megowd
Carolina's Coming Home/On Your Own
Where did all the Good Times Go/Stand
Better by Far/Rock 'n' Roll Band
Our Own way of living/Nowhere to Go
The Big Parade/Angel
I'm in Love with the World/At the End of the Pier
Rock 'n' Roll is Back/Making for the Sun
Take it, Shake it, Break My Heart/Down Home
Fast Running out of World/Throw Your weight..
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Southern Wmn

The Sun The Wind And Other Things
Early in the Morning
Coming Home
Will You Still Love Me tomorrow (CD)

Single: Better by Far/At the End of the Pier
Inquisition (Track:2-Side2: Moonlight Dancer)

In My Heart
One Life, One Love

Hitchin' a Ride(2000) - CD