Here it is - as I saw it. The bits of my life as a "muso". The early years of hope, hard work and little reward (1960-68) - the 11 years of comparative fame and fortune (1968-79) - and the rest, where the hand of fate decided to seperate me from the world of rock music and despatch me to far-flung pastures, to climb other, non- musical mountains, only now to be rejoining us, back in England - older and wiser (I hope). Enjoy your stay!

Trevor Brice
Somerset, England
July 2008

Many other things have got in the way of music these years, but now, previously unrecorded material I wrote back in Denmark with Klaus Soe, together with some other good stuff, is being re-vamped and recorded for online release soon. My co-producer, recording engineer and musical partner in this venture is my son Sebastian - what more could I wish for?
The first song finished is "Here Today and Gone Tomorrow", which can now be heard on

Trevor Brice
February 2009